Why did we open Indo Outdo Grow?

Its our passion not only to grow what we need to survive but also to help. We want to bring community back, that's why we opened Indo Outdo, Community, its a huge part of what as a species we are missing. We will go out of our way for you and your plants. We want to bring the community together. Because as a whole they can never separate us!!

Come to us for your growing needs!

We love to assist people with there plants health and well being, but not just your plants you as well, we keep that at home feeling with our Friendly staff that will do what it takes to get what you need at an affordable rate. Also check out our weekly classes with Jameie and a plethora of host and guest for your delight. We want to fill your brain with as much knowledge about what your doing as possible.

  So come down to the store or stay tuned to our blogs and informative post because we do actually care about what your growing.